Stage 5

Over the highest pass of the entire ride !!!

Somehow Kevin gets himself together enough to ride and we head towards Colorado--only a few miles away. There is no sign at the border crossing--just the white line on the GPS.

Monty Moore
King Of The Ruts

Just get in a rut--let go of the handlebars--and run-er wide open !!!

We crossed at least 300 cattle crossings. They were are really smooth--but I was always on the lookout for the one with a sharp metal edge that would send you over the handlebars or flatten your tires and bend your rims.

This is a live 3 ft. wide narrow gauge railroad just North of the New Mexico border in Colorado.

The Timbres Coltec RR

The same railroad crossing above can be seen in this picture---it was georgeous out here. Beautiful sunny cool day !!

We were to not be rained on for the whole trip--maybe a record, as everytime I've ridden in the moutains it seems to rain everyday---at 4PM no less ??

What a beautiful and colorful mountain. I first thought it was from mining--but not so. The sign said it was all natural.
Down in that valley was some really deep sand and was Monty's least favorite part of the trip. I thought Monty's clutch and body temperature were both going to explode watching him come thru there. He was panting at the top but soldiered on like a trooper.

We slowly passed this wagon train coming down the moutain--maybe they were traveling the same route we were.

We came across a lot of horses and always gave them the right a-way. I'm sure they appreciated our stock mufflers. The bicycle riders did too. I've gotten to the point that I won't ride with guys with loud pipes--nobody out here wants to listen to it--nobody !!

I ran into these 4 guys on a high speed dirt road South of route 50.

I tried to make an impression and came in like Fabrizio Maoni in the Dakar at speed and hammered the brakes and slid in home plate like Mickey Mantle. I did this knowing full well that I wasn't Fabrizio and I wasn't on a KTM 640RR. Luckiy this old man didn't fall down and embarass the hell out of himself--it was a chance I took.

Left is Bryan on a nice XR650L and next to him is Micho

We all ended up at the same Motel that night in Gunnison--of course the young guys sat up half the night drinking beer outside--while we were snoring by 9:30--but we were long down the trail when they wobbled out of bed :)

The weather had been perfect today--55° to 85°
Nice to finally to run into some other Adventure riders and exchange thoughts and get helpful hints about the trail up ahead. A couple of these guys were using a GPS route I sent them and said it was working out perfect. I was hoping I hadn't sent somebody something that would just cause them problems.

We cleaned our air filters that night---they were plugged. Kevin opened the side door to his air-box and a lot of dirt fell out--then he took a spoon and dipped dirt out for awhile--this was all before he could even think of removing the foam filter. Mine was bad too--even tho I was leading all the time.

233 Miles for the day


Stage 6 Doyleville to Kremmling, Colorado