Stage 6

We meet up with "TwoTailDog" and "Dusty Tucker"--then on over Marshall Pass

Kevin Naser (TwoTailDog) on his mighty green tiger. Kevin had pondered riding with me on this ride---but things came up and he and his riding buddy rode from the North. I knew I'd run into them at some point and was so glad to meet them. His triumph was extremely well set up. Kevin put a lot of time and work into his ride and I understand he made it all the way to the border--the last part alone.

This guy riding tail to the TwoTailDog I know as "Dusty Tucker".

Kevin said he was riding behind him always tucked down trying not to eat too much dust.

His DRZ400S was let up so nice----made me think I might ride mine if I did it again and was able to haul it to and from the start and finish.

I can't wait to read a report of their adventure !!!

We are riding up the old railroad bed towards Marshall Pass in this picture.

I think some riders last year had to by-pass this as there was a bridge out somewhere.


From time to time on this ride, Monty would pull up--shut his bike off--and ask--"Do you notice anything different about my bike" ??

We got use to this--as something had been broken (not fallen) off of Monty's mighty BMW--they just don't make them like they use to--huh Monty ??

His front fender had actually fell off this time---it broke off later on.


We ended up in Kremmling, Colorado for the day.

No Comment !!

Oh I can't help myself--the bungy cords are the only things holding the bag on.

No Comment-either !!

And speaking of our sponser---"Anti-Monkey Butt Powder" from "Grassroots BMW"
It was doing a beautiful job of keeping my rear end pretty and pink--a monumental task in itself.
I also found if did an admirable job of keeping skid marks out of the white padding in my riding shorts--nothing short of a miracle----really good stuff !!
Benefits for psoriasis, nasty nose hairs and in-grown toe-nails are still in the
testing stages.

We also went over Boreas Pass today and went thru the town of Breckenridge---I had been thru here before and had forgotton the horror of the traffic thru here. Wish we could have went around this way too busy town.


Stage 7 Thru Steamboat Springs and over the border into Wyoming