Stage 7
Wednesday July 13th, 2005

From Kremmling, Colorado on into Wyoming

Out of Kremmling we went high into the mountains on smooth paved switchbacks.

Kremmling had a nice cafe for breakfast with in-house homemade pastries--were not losing any weight on this trip, which was our plan.

After passing thru the little burg of Radium--when went high up in the mountains again on a neat dirt road that would have been bad had it been wet. It was one of the more beautiful roads we road on.

TwoTailDog had warned us of this very deep water hole--it was the deepest on the whole ride--but I'm sure there would have been others if it had rained--some maybe impassable.

Kevin Goes In !!

But doesn't make it out

TwoTailDog had told me not to try and climb the embankment

My mom always said "you never listen"

Dang !!!

Does Monty have a propeller on that thing or what !!!

We stopped for gas and a snack in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and lucked out to stop at a gas station with an old bike display---old bicycles too.

I went back and forth the little white line on my GPS that told me I was crossing into Wyoming--no obligatory picture sign.

So---I drew a line in the road with a liquid of my choice. If you know me---well--you'll figure it out. I suppose it's dried up by now !!!!

Ran in to some more bicyclists doing the divide ride thru the Aspens.

We had ran into one bicyclists in New Mexico who had no time for a picture that was racing the divide trail---I think around 16 days is the record.

We are heading out into some very desolate desert riding here---it was lonesome out here--just the way I like it.
I loved this---high speed desert running at its best.

We rode for 40 miles seeing no one--untill this lone young girl. It was really hot out here and we offered her our water but she said she was fine.

It would be another 40 miles before she would see any water--we wished her luck.

She was the most amazing person I met on the whole ride---that is untill the girl I met at the Canada border !!!

This girl had no skin under her right arm from a crash--she was really skinned up and bleeding--she never mentioned it and neither did we.

We finally beat it on in to Atlantic City----a sprawling Metropolis it was--about 100 people.There was a neat bed and breakfast there--it was a log cabin and was full up---no gas in Atlantic City.
We had to camp North of town at the Atlantic City campground which was a very pleasant place to camp, and we all got a good nights sleep---it was about 2 miles North of town.

348 miles for the day

Stage 8 Atlantic City to Camp at Flagg Ranch