Stage 9
Friday July 15th, 2005

Into Idaho for some meat and "Potatoes"


It was cold this morning, a chilly 42°---heated grips were on high and I think Monty and Kevin used their heated vests this morning. I elected to not bring mine and got by just fine.

Packing can be pretty tight on these midsize dualsports---if you carrying camping gear I recommend leaving the heated clothing at home as long as you have good riding gear in which you can layer to stay warm. Much of this whole ride is spend it warm to very warim temps.

Here is a burned out section of forest--we ran into several areas this spread out thru the whole ride.

Flagg ranch road was pretty nice excpet for the many huge trucks doing construction on a dam project--I couldn't believe those huge trucks were getting thru this one lane tight dirt road.

It was like you flicked a switch---we crossed into Idaho and Viola !!!!

"Farmland--spreadin' out so far and wide---keep Manhattan, just gimme' that countryside"


It takes a lot of water to keep those taters growin'

We blew into Ashton, Idaho at the Trails End Cafe for eggs, bacon and tators. Better be packin heat to come in here.

The waitress gave me a smirk when I asked for South Dakota potatoes.

A little Northeast of Ashton we went thru this culvert under the road to get on the Union Pacific Abandoned railroad bed.
Just a little down the old railroad bed we were awarded the magnificent site of this old railroad tunnel with the original wood supports. I had two railroad tunnels plotted on this ride and this was the first.
Here's Kevin coming out the other side---the tunnel wasn't straight thru--it had a lttle crook in it. I love these old things.
Kevin's got a fire in the ole KLR and is coming down the line-----toot-toot.......chuga, chugga, chugga----toot-toot.

Whoa Daddy

We thought this is a cattle guard---don't really know.

It was posted legal for all vehicles less than 40" wide.

There was 31 miles of this railroad bed--and it was whoop-dee-do city as TwoTailDog put it. Quite a arm workout.

We were awarded several tressel crossings with the "Warm River" going under the tracks.

Don't know why it was called the warm river as it was very cold water.

At the last trestle people were putting in their canoes.
When the route crossed route 47 we stopped for lunch and then headed out West of there and I think this is Sawtell Peak--what a magnificent sight. The elevations weren't that high up this far North, but the cold temperatures had lingered longer.
We blasted down some more ranch roads toward Red Rock Lakes

Mexicanada Clothes Dryer

We ended up in the Mtn. View Motel in Lima, Montana---Mike the owner was such a great host and wasn't bothered with us dirty smelly bikers at all. It was a nice room with no air conditioning---didn't need it---just simply open the front and rear windows and about 10 O'clock you'll be pulling on more covers and closing the windows--pretty simple.

Notice no front fender on the BMW and the left turn signal is hanging by the wires--sure signs of -----a good time !!!

Outback was a 1937 Bombardier snow vehicle--it had a flathead 6 cylinder car motor in it.A real treasure.

We jumped across the street and ate at Jan's cafe---pork chops and----oh yes-----pie !!!

I giving notice that I'm entering this picture in "GasPipes" official sunset picture contest.

189 precious miles for the day

Stage 10 Crap---the days are slippin' away !!!