TAT Day 3
Monday, Oct. 4th 2004 Lawrenceburg, Tenn. to Holly Springs, Mississippi.

We had stayed at a Motel in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee last night----were up a the crack of dawn today and road a few miles till I found a cafe for breakfast. Water crossings were to be the order of the day.

We rode down some beautiful country roads and came to another water crossing that looked like it might have some of that slick moss in it---but it didn't.

There ain't nothing to this--piece of cake !!

I approached this crossing with the same cockiness I did the first and down I went. It was so slick you couldn't hardly stand up. The best part is Kevin (also down in the picture)---caught it all on his helmet cam. First I went down--the camera shook as Kevin laughed--then he took a different line and all of a sudden all you saw were weeds, dirt and water in the video---it is so funny !!
Sam's maps warned us of these crossings. John Simmons is tip--toeing across. He didn't fall--I wish you could see the look on his face as he crossed--it was all business.
Rodney was more nervous than any of us as he had the biggest bike. With a little help from his friends he got the "Biggest Dog" thru the creek.

We watched this on video--it was hilarious. Jays bike drug John (on left) across the slick green slime covered rock bottom creek. The Bike held John up---he didn't hold it up.

I guess a guy could have really gotten hurt at this crossing as it was just like riding on ice. Joe and Larry made if across on there own---I think Larry's size 14 shoe helped him a lot.

At Clifton Tennesse we were suppose to cross the Tennessee river on the ferry---guess what---the ferry went broke and had quit running a few months ago--we had to go West and cross on the new bridge about 4 miles down river.

What river in the US is the only river that runs North ?????

Answer: The Tennessee River

The trail led us farther and farther South and West--we eventually crossed into Mississippi which is a state I really enjoyed. My KLR was running flawlessly and gave me so much confidence---I was glad I put a new rear Kenda K270 on before we left---my old tire wouldn't have made the trip. As you'll find out later on--someone else wished he had put on a new tire.

Like I said------the guys were really eating a lot of dust---or Jay has too much foundation on :)

Air cleaners were really taking a beating and were becoming almost completely cloggeed.

We made it to Holly Springs, Mississippi for the night with 258 miles under our belts for the day. Another georgous day of backroad traveling.

Day 4 Can you say Kudzu ????

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