Day5--where are the BMW's

Wednesday Oct. 6th--Carendon, Arkansas to Russelville, Arkansas

I was forced to disqualify one rider---I hated to do it---- but if I don't put a stop to this kind of thing---I don't know what is next. One rider washed his bike---I was horrified when I saw the bike all nice and shiny !!!

Seriously------Rodney on the BMW1150GS was going to hit the interstate as he missed his wife and little ones at home. I knew something was up earlier when I saw him looking at a map :)

And then next it was John on the BMW650GS---John had to get back to his BMW shop as the service work was really piling up and he was lucky to ride with us this long.

I guess it was contageous---as next, Jay on the BMWF650 was hitting the pavement for a while and would hook up with us later-----actually he was on a mission of mercy as Kevin's rear knobby was toast--and Jay went off to the big city to get Kevin a tire and we would hook up with him down the trail and put it on--very nice of Jay. He also said he needed a break from the dust------"what dust--I didn't see any" :)

So this is all that's left.

3 KLR's and a DR650

This would have made a nice remote campsite---but it was very early in the morning.

I think I was actually off route here---as we headed down a very fun dirt road and the road got less and less traveled the further we went. Any adventure rider worth his salt knows the trail is going to dead end.
Sure enough--you can see Joe checking the old bridge structure out. This bridge had been gone for a very long time. Do we turn back--I don't think so !!
I looked to the right and saw the bridge carrying interstate traffic to my right. After a review of my GPS I saw we could go down thru a smaller dry creek---barge thru the trees and brush, climb upon the interstate and beat it down to the nearest exit before a state trooper spotted us making a illegal entrance to the interstate. Everyone was OK with that--so here we go.
Here's Kevin dropping down off the dead end road into the dried up creek--piece of cake !!

I was the first one thru the tight trees and weeds and you can see I picked up some of them going thru there. I knew if a state trooper spotted me I was in for a citation that would mean something---I've had them before.

On we went to Beebe, Arkansas to meet up with Jay and Kevin's new rear tire. We got there and no Jay--We had breakfast (yes it was still breakfast time as we left early) at the "Boxcar Cafe" while waiting on Jay. What a hoot we had in there---the waitress was a little ornery, and acted like she was giving us a hard time.

Now here is a serious adventure dude. The new tire gives it away. You can see his old knobby is in pretty bad shape---it was still usable, but Kevin knew it wouldn't finish the ride. Pretty nice looking tire--a Maxxis I think.

We got the wheel off and I dove in and changed the tire for Kevin. I had something to prove here in front of all my adventure friends----as about 2 years ago I pinched a tube so many times it just wasn't funny anymore--and I had lost a lot of face.

We aired the tire up----seated the bead--and I nervously kept checking the tire pressure to see if my repair was holding up. Well----at least Kevin thinks I can change a tire--while all others rolled their eyes and were thinking "Oh--here we go again". I broke the bead with my boot---sometimes breaking the bead of an old tire is the hardest part---I had to have a car roll its wheel over my motorcycle wheel once to break the bead off my old F650. 45 minutes and we were done and down the road !!!


Jay joined us again----he went down thru a low water creek crossing--pictured here right behind his bike. There was a bridge--but this was more fun !!

Well I'll be---I guess it was dusty out !!!

Here comes Joe Hart thru the dust.

I seem to have a knack for finding great places to eat. Just North of Russelville Arkansas on famous rt. 7 is the Bayou Bridge cafe. It was party time in the cafe---there was a birthday part going on for a 12 year old girl and after we ate the waitress gave us cake and ice cream--what a treat. The food was awesome--most of us ordered a big hamburger--but big ole' Larry ordered a "Swamp Burger"--the biggest hamburber I have ever seen. They even had a "Double Swamp Burger" that was 10 inches tall and was famous for miles around. She said they sold about 1 a day--but they never could eat it all--but couldn't resist trying. I ordered a dinky Jr. Burger and the waitress kept making little smurks about the "Dinky" guy--ordering a teensy weensy little "Juuuuuniorr Burger". It was all in good fun and we all left big tips.

In the dark we rode to Russelville and got a motel again as the guys had to have a bath after following the big dust trail of my huge 23 horsepower rip snortin' KLR !!

219 miles--what a day !!! We hoped to make it to Oklahoma with the time we had alotted for this trip---I don't know if we can make it or not ???


Day 6 A run for the border

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