Day 4--February 12th, 2004

Gasolina in Urique---again, you order by the litre. We filled them up again. Kenny liked me carrying 7 gallons of fuel around I think--slowed me down some. The KLR handled fine in all the terrain we rode in. I was careful and lucky----as I never dropped my bike the whole trip--good thing--us two ole' farts probably couldn't have picked it back up if it was full of fuel !!

These really nice boys entertained us at the gasolina station with their expert markmanship with their slingshots. I would point at something like a tree stump----and wham !! he would nail it dead center. I was totally impressed-----but pondered ??? Would we become nice moving targets as we motored off ?? I didn't stand up on my bike (as I often do) as we left as my butt would have made an easy target for them.

I was an ornery little turd when I was little----and I would have let us have it--take that you gringos!!! My dad would't let me have a slingshot or BB gun when I was little--for good reason.

We climbed high into the mountains again passing the Tarahumara Indian home when we ran into a very little boy herding about 40 goats down the road. The mountain was on one side and there was nothing on the other---so me and Kenny slowly nudged are way thru the herd slowly and carefully. I was afraid they might push us over the edge if we rode there, so we kept to the other side of the rode and it was no problem.

Now you are looking at a view high above the little town of Cerocahui (Sero---Cow--Eee).

A little old--And a little new.

A farmer was plowing this field with a horse---and in the picture you see an electric pole. This town as with all towns in this region have just aquired electricity in the last few years. .

Time for a little "Refresca" (soft drink). We stopped in downtown Ceracahui for drinks.

This little boy had a cookie---and Kenny would act like he was going to take it from him---if looks could have killed !!!


We headed North out of Ceracahui on a nice dirt road and went through this tunnel.

One of my favorite pictures, as it has me and Kenny both in it. Kenny carried a big camera tripod with him but never used it once. He did this once before on our Grand Canyon or Bust adventure. I kidded him about carrying that big thing and he finally gave in and said he would leave it home next time.

We are at the "El Oso" inn just a few minutes out of Cerocahui---notice the bear rock formation above us.

"El Oso" means "The Bear"

I think we were in the El Oso mountain range also.

Will had rode the bus to the El Oso as his hiking group would be coming here. It was so nice to run into him again and share a few more stories.

We would have like to stayed at the El Oso, but it was only noon, and we were motorcycle riders. We roared off-----and I waved my arm in the air and hollered "Hasta Luego", (see you soon) and Adios--ande le ande le------yeeee haw---I bet he got a kick out of that. Hope to see you again Will, "Mucho Gusta" it was a pleasure to meet you.

We exchanged e-mail address and I gave him this website.

The little town of Bauchivo (bow--a--cheevo). It was high in the mountains and was very near the very famous train that started at the Sea of Cortez and climbed through the Sierra Madre all the way to the city of Chihuahua and beyond.
This little guy was peering down at Kenny when he rode by. Kenny got so many good pictures of the Mexican and Indian people and dwellings.
Kenny was lucky and got a glimpse of the train---I missed it.

More gasolina in the town of Temoris (Tim--Or--Reese).

We didn't buy much gas from this fellow--but we always kept our tanks full as we were always out in the middle of nowhere and never knew when trouble would find us---and we would get lost or have to do a bunch of backtracking----I tipped him 20 pesos (about $2) for his trouble and he gave me the funniest look. Didn't know if I insulted him or he just didn't expect it. I did it because he went to a lot of trouble for not much profit. Hey--a guy has got to make a living.

We found a neat little motel in Temoris for the night and the owner graciously let us put our bikes up in the gated area in front of the motel--------we had to kind of wheely;

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