Day 5----February 13th, 2004

Yes it's Friday the 13th--and yes--shit does happen.

Yes it's Friday the 13th !!

And to quote Forrest Gump.

"That's all I've got to say about that".

We rode down to the railroad depot below the town of Temoris. It was 3 miles in a straight line---or so my GPS told me--but it was 7 curvy miles down. Here is the train heading West with 17 $200,000 motor homes on it. It think it costs about $4,000 to haul a motor home thru the mountains. I hear it is a thrilling and scenic ride--you ride in your motor home and if the rocking of the train isn't enough---the suspension of the motorhome amplifies this swaying motion and some people get sick doing this .

Well what's it look like to you ???? Looks like a dead dog to me. I looked at him and walked around him--when I walked back by I looked again--poor puppy !!! There's no blood ? I finally poked at him and woke him up---seems I interrupted his Mexican siesta.

Seems he could have found a better place to Siesta.

We went back up through Temoris and headed up into the mountains towards Chinipas--- where we had another major river to cross that was promised to be much wider than the Urique river. We had to get across or turn back. On the way we couldn't cross this bridge which had fell in so rode right through the creek.
On the way Kenny captured this little adobe hacienda. No phone, pool, pets or electricity.
We entered Chinipas and it was such a neat little town. These little towns always seemed to have a huge beautiful church.
We loved these stone streets in some of the towns.
This is the suspension bridge over the Chinipas river in Chinipas. It was still in fine shape and was used heavily for foot traffic. I had heard of people riding their motorcycles over the bridge during high water--but I don't see how they got them on the bridge without a lot of help. Also it was too narrow for our bikes anyway.

It looked like a lot of people crossed the river by the bridge, mostly in 4 wheeled vehicles. It looked much too deep for us so me and Kenny found another crossing about 1/2 mile South of the bridge where it was much wider, but much shallower.

I went first and it was pretty easy. If I had fallen over the water probably wasn't deep enough to cause a big problem.


Here is Kenny crossing with his feet on the pegs.

You can see a wet spot on the rocks where I came across.

The road climbing up the mountain on the other side of the river was another torcher test for first gear. It was very rough and rocky. Traction was somewhat of a problem and Kenny's modified motor spun his tire and it slipped out from under him almost taking him and the bike into this 4 ft. deep ditch.

We had to drag the bike on it's side away from the ditch before we could think about trying to pick it up.

Now here is a simple life. A little girl and her dad were mending the fence and a horse was their only means of transportation besides their feet.

Me and Kenny don't drink--but had found a couple reason to start I guess.

Really--a nice fellow and his young son were coming up the moutain as we were going down and stopped and offered cervasus (beer). I told Kenny he was offering us a cold beer. We were hot and a little sweaty and took him up on his offer---his son climbed out on top of the truck, took out 2 ice cold beers and gave them to us. I tried to pay him but he would have none of that and motored off. We don't really like beer---but I think they were the best tasting beer we ever had !!

Who took the picture ?? The camera of course--auto timer you know !!!

I actually found myself somewhat happy riding down the mountain and found myself singing Mexican Ooomm Paahhh music aloud while riding---I was really enjoying myself and blasted through this creek crossing.

When-----all of a sudden the music just stopped !!!

Yep--it's still Friday the 13th.

And that's all I got to say about that.

Keeny picked up a huge rock to put on my rear rack to hold my front wheel off the ground and looky here what was hiding under the rock----yep it's a scorpion.

Yep---it's still Friday the 13th.

And that's all I got to say about that.

Home Sweet Home

We rode on into Alamos and got a motel----the "Dolisa". It was nice and was 375 pesos--about 37 dollars with a fire place--oh no a fire in our room--remember what happened last time ??

We had hamburgers and french fries at the town plaza from a little food stand and it was so good.

Back at the motel the wood was already in the fireplace with some fire starter ready to go. We just couldn't get it to go at all and you can see Kenny here spraying a can of chain lube on the fire. It was a great fire as long as you were spraying chain lube on it. It went out and so did we.

Today was a great day of riding as we had crossed another major river that had me worried all the way there. We ran into some jeepers in the mountains and talked with them for awhile comparing notes. They wanted to go thru the route we did from Botipilas to Ceracahui as we did. They didn't know the way, so I gave them my map and rollchart so they could do the ride---we ran into them a few days later many miles away---and found out what happened to them---stay tuned !!

Day 6