Day 8 ---February 16th, 2004

Here are some local dwellings right outside of our rooms. Nice little cozy log cabins. I noticed people weren't as spoiled as me and Kenny as they had no smoke coming out of their chimneys early in the morning--so they let their fires just go out and cranked her up in the morning.


We sleep in late for a change---that's 7AM for me and Kenny. Get a late breakfast--poke around town then mount up the bikes for a short ride to Divisidero, which is where a train station is and the Tarahumara Indian women gather here to sell their wares to the people getting off the train.
We watched in amazement as some of the women were making the beautiful baskets right in front of us. I don't know how they did it---but they were beautiful.
Another reason why people flock to Divisidero is because it has one of the most spectacular views of the canyons.
Kenny snuck this shot of the little Indian girl--we have heard they don't want their picture taken. None of them would utter a word untill you ask them how much something was--and they would tell you in pesos exactly how much---there is no haggling with the Indians.
You can see the materials here laid out as a woman is weaving baskets.
This Tarahumara indian boy was so curious about our bikes, but was very shy and kept his distance. He never spoke---but ran out on this rock and it was obvious to us he wanted us to take his picture.

We got away from the touristy area and found our own little view of the canyon here.

We rode back to town

I put Kenny in charge of the fire last night--remember, the stove didn't like him. He stoked the stove full of wood, went off to sleep and the next thing we know it is ove 100° in our room---it's freezing outside--we open the door wide open and go back to sleep--the fire almost goes out--were freezing--Kenny's stokes the fire again---100° again--open door--I just knew we were going to wake up with a donkey, horse or cow in our room. I finally had to take over fire duty--and all was well the rest of the night !!


Day9 We make a run for the border !!!