Day 9---February 17th, 2004

We make a run for the border

The plan was to head North out of Creel, West thru Chihauhau--and further west to Ojinga where we would cross the border back into Presidio, Texas.

Here is another one of those religous things you would see on the side of the road--got to find out about them.

I didin't know what this was---was somebody living in there ?????----would I walk into somebody's living quarters ??
Here's what was inside---some sort of worshiping place??---the candles were all lit.

We thought this would be a wasted riding day on boring pavement---it was pavement all the way but not boring. The ride all day was marvelous.

Me and Kenny neither one wanted to go thru the city of Chihauhau as we heard it was as big as Chicago !!

It wouldn't make a pimple on the rear end of Chicago and was easier and safer than driving from one end to the other through my own home town. Piece of cake.

Pesqui Canyon

About 1/2 way between Ojinaga and Chihauhau just off the main highway.

This was Kenny's only close call----he took a picture of me going down the road----and almost got a picture of himself running through some tumble weeds as he almost left the road.
This was a military checkpoint we went thru near the border. Nice fellows doing their job. They searched everything --I mean everything on Kennys bike--he had to unpack his whole bike and they searched through it all. They just did a couple of my bags.

At the border crossing I screwed up----went the wrong direction in a border exit lane. I was ran down and was told I was getting a $300 fine. The guy finally settled down and let me off and we exited Mexico after cancelling our vehicle permits which is an absolute must if you ever intend on coming back.

We got to Presido and lo and behold the US border patrol wheels in---in this hummer. What did we do this time ?????? Seems they were just getting a bite to eat----Sheeesh, had my heart racing for a little while.

Did we get robbed ???

Yes we did-----Kenny left a $2 foam sleeping pad outside our room and a dog decided he needed it more than Kenny--can't trust them dogs !!


Was I ever scared to Death ??????

Well yes I was---it was a horrifying experience I will never forget. The first incident happened while traveling thru downtown St. Louis, Missouri in the horrible city traffic on my way to Kenny's house to begin our adventure. The second incident---was traveling the same route back to my house at night. I had heard many times of the dangers there---I guess it was stupid of me to go ahead thru there anyway--you live and learn the hard way.

Day 10 We tooled around Big Bend National Park for a day--and want to come back someday.