Saturday Oct. 9th, 2004

I usually have a "kick back" day on a long ride---and today was the day--although we still had a good ride. I forgot to tell Larry just rode on home yesterday as he had things to do--so he is not with us now.

Ole' Joe Hart is really kicking back today.

We slept in today till about 7:30 AM which is something I never do---but hey--it was kick back day. I didn't eat any breakfast and about 11AM me Joe, Kevin and Jay headed for the Baptist Church in Belleview for lunch. Blue haired old lady's whip up chicken and dumplin's, green beans, corn, ice tea, lemonade and you pick of all kinds of homeade pie--washed down with a good cup of coffee.

Joe over did it with the Chicken and dumplin's in this picture and is trying to just let his stomach do a little work.

On the way to the church I had a little run in with the law. We were approaching the little burg of Caledonia where a craft fair was going on and I was approaching two blue haired ole' lady's in a 69 Plymouth valiant----so I blew them off the road as I always do over the double yellow line. Some guy coming at me in a Chevy Blazer hollered at me really loud--I thought "what's his problem" as I had made a very safe pass. He was a local cop----I didn't see all the antennaes. Kevin was behind me and seen it all and recognized he was a cop (as Kevin is one too) and was grinning I'm sure as the cop made a 3 point turn and took out after me---I was oblivious to the whole thing. He came up behind Kevin, Joe and Jay and there were other cars in front of him and he just couldn't get to me and finally gave up after a few miles. I finally stopped to gather up my riders and they were all laughing and grinning. I thought "what--I got a booger on my nose or something" ????

This picture was taken earlier back at the rally as all the adventure riders were gathering up for a back road ride. We went out on our own after lunch.

This is "Johnson Shut Ins" state park---a beautiful rocky canyon creek. A little hike is required to get back to the canyon.

Jay and Joe hiked down in to the canyon and got this beautiful shot.
The fall colors are really starting to come out. Here is a low water crossing on the Black river.
I just happened upon this neat little one lane gravel road that went thru one low water creek crossing after another. There was no dust and this went on for miles---it was my favorite for the whole ride--or have I already said that ????

Well looky here the wives found the rally without a GPS--amazing. They had been to the big craft fair in Caledonia which is nearby and I didn't expect them here so soon, as they shop till they drop.

I'm on the left with my Doggy--to the right is my wife---who we'll call "The Redneck Girl" in this picture. Jays wife is next. This was JoJo's first rally and he was all excited and really took to camping. If it wasn't for him we would have all been ate up by the howling coyotes that night---or at least that's what he thought I'm sure.

You've heard of "Punky and Lew" ??

Well me and JoJo could be "JoJo and P-U !!!

We all had fun around the campfire that night again-------and as usual I was the first to hit the sack. So me and JoJo said good night and Debi joined me later. It was a little tight in there with all my riding gear---but we were cozied up in the cool night air---goodnight Debi--goodnight JoJo.

Day 9 Me and Jay ride home

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